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Blood Orange Himalayan Salt Scrub


Scrub the city off your skin.

An exfoliating shower scrub gentle enough for both cheeks. Himalayan salt, a natural antiseptic as well as an exfoliant, combined with orange peel powder and ivory clay remove the toxins from everyday pollution, leaving your skin feeling… fresh, soft and silky smooth and you smelling like a walking skittle.

Size: 200g

Sold By: The Base Body Co.
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Key Ingredients.

Ivory Clay – it draws out toxins like a magnet – including chemicals that have been absorbed into the top layers of your skin through exposure to everyday pollution.

Orange Peel Powder – the super nutrients in orange peel powder are made up of Vitamin C, helping to protect the skin from free radical damage; Calcium which helps in the renewal of worn out cells; Potassium keeps the skin hydrated and Magnesium helps to prevent oxidative stress in skin cells.

Coconut and Jojoba Oil – nourishes your skin creating an instant glow.


Free of synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, alcohol, parabens, sulfates and mineral oil.

Appropriate for all skin types. 

Use daily – more is more we say.



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