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Who we are

We're an online space where women speak, think, share, create.
Honesty in brands, honesty in conversation, honesty in beauty.

What we do


As an alternative to fast-fashion and saturated shopping sites, we handpick our products from independent, ethical brands to provide you with a refined selection of unique pieces.

Women shouldn't be sold beauty standards as they shop, and so we make the careful decision to partner with brands that match our ethos. We curate to present the beauty in these products without the pressure of beauty standards on the customer.


We communicate the stories behind the creations and the people behind the products.

To do this we provide a seamless blend of content and commerce across our online magazine, social media and online store to share meaningful concepts that resonate with the right audience.


Our platform is built through connection.

The Noa Vee audience can share their story, creatives are free to showcase their artwork, and brands are able to sell products directly through our site. By doing this we create and sustain tangible connections between audiences and brands.

We welcome all to be a part of the discovery, engagement and consumption of ethical brands, and, we want a positive representation of women to be more accessible than ever before.

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