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Ethical, Slow Fashion

Fashion trends come and go, but there are always some looks that remain free from these twists and turns. Purposely avoiding trends, while focusing on supremely high-quality material and craftsmanship, LOWI hopes to present an alternative to women who seek to express themselves even without saying multiple words. We live in a modern world where women explore avenues to display and exude their personality, without uttering a single word. This is the core mission of LOWI – to help women standout in a random world through timeless fashion. At LOWI we are not just another fashion brand, we are a team of young enthusiasts looking to push the culture of women fashion beyond trends and appearance. Owing to our understanding, we create clothing with quality materials that make every woman comfortable, irrespective of their shapes and aspects. We want our products to have a long life ensuring that would be well lived in, great feel on its wearer and most importantly, speak volumes about their unique personality; this is the sole reason why we release small (but smart) collections, focusing on what’s essential.

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