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Launched in early 2015, Bower is a luxury ethical & sustainable British swimwear brand. Influenced by Rupert & Fiona‘s childhood spent by the sea at Sydney’s Fairy Bower, they now split their time between London, Biarritz & Amsterdam creating a label that responds to a need for modern and beautifully constructed swimwear that retains functionality and ease of wear.

Bower’s aim is to create design-led swimwear with a focus on the now with a nod to the past.

The designs utilise luxury Italian fabrics, partnered with complex construction and considered details. With components sourced from Italy & France, the final product is constructed at a small, specialised factory in Italy.

Our swimwear is created from fabrics produced with ECONYL®, a yarn created from post consumer plastic waste including discarded fishing nets. Our clothing is 100% vegan and we only produce to order. We strive to ensure our processes & production produce as little waste as possible, our quantities are limited in order to minimise dead stock and wastage. We source all components from factories within Europe that adhere to high standards of production and ensure safe and fair working environments for their employees.

If you have questions or want to learn more about our efforts as an ethical brand please email

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