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Born from a need for mat-wear that’s an honest reflection of compassionate and conscious living, Nitara is an expression of just that. We make contemporary yoga and activewear that leaves as little impact upon our planet as possible, our signature fabric is made from 86% recycled plastic, so in fact it helps to clear some of our footprint.

Utilising limited edition hand drawn prints, our collection is ever evolving. Each design serving as a moment in time, a train of thought or a reflection upon our journey.

Our Promise

The word ‘Nitara नितर‘ means to be deeply rooted or grounded in sanskrit, and is actually the spiritual name given to our founder Ellie by her teacher on her first trip to India.

So, with respect to that, we promise to keep our roots grounded in a mantra that she learned from him, which was to ‘honour the source’.

  • Honour the heart of the practice, by practicing what we preach: Yoga first, business second. Always.
  • Honour the source of everything: the earth, by making it our mission to protect it’s beauty.
  • Honour our community by giving back as much as possible and by doing what we can to support your practice.

About Ellie

Nitara was founded by London-born Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & fashion designer Ellie Foden. Swapping the fashion world for yoga studios and many trips to India: years of deep practice, travel and study ignited a fire within her. She struggled to find yogawear that really reflected her lifestyle in a modern and honest way, which is why she decided to make her own.

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