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Ethical, Sustainable

Juta is a social enterprise empowering women through craft.

​We support, train and employ women who face barriers to work, offering them flexible, well-paid, supported work making our handcrafted espadrilles and teaching crafts workshops.

We work with sustainable materials, like leather that we up-cycle from local factory offcuts and reclaimed vegan faux fur.

We believe in fair fashion: you should know who made your shoes, and that they were paid fairly.
We believe in making beautiful and useful things from reclaimed and sustainable materials.
We believe in the power of craft and creative work to empower local communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to combat social and economic exclusion caused by lack of access to fair work. In London, one in five jobs are paid below the London Living Wage, and women and those from migrant and refugee backgrounds are more likely to be under-waged or unemployed.

​We run a tailored crafts-based employability skills scheme at our studio in Bethnal Green, offering free training, a supportive community, and opportunities to work for our graduates. Each purchase and every workshop provides opportunities for our makers and teachers to earn a fair wage, build confidence, and grow their community.

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