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Ethical, Natural

Molewa Skincare is an artisan producer of decadent natural skin and body care products. Everything I create is hand-crafted using the world’s best natural butters, oils and natural superfoods. These ultimate facial and body delights are tailored just for you, as you indulge your senses in a head to toe pampering experience.

My name is Sola Sangowawa-Boua and I am the founder, researcher and skincare formulator at Molewa Skincare. My journey started in 2008 in my little kitchen, experimenting with my own skincare formulas and concoctions because I needed to address my skin and body care issues naturally, alongside implementing a modified lifestyle approach. Following health concerns, I decided to eradicate negative chemicals and ingredients from my skin and body care routine, whilst still remaining true to myself – not compromising on safe yet beautiful, luxurious and pampering products.
A decade later, after many testers and users, and by going from a very enthusiastic home formulator to a professional formulator, the dream was launched.
My aim is to create high performing natural skin and body care products that can answer my customers’ most important skin and body care needs, without compromising on finesse, decadence and a natural approach.
So… wishing you a lifetime of health, joy and sweet pampering!

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