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Fair trade, 100% natural


It started in 2014 when founder, Sara Ayres moved from Sydney, Australia to London.

She quickly noticed the effects city life was having on her skin. Having felt she was losing that gorgeous ‘coastal glow’, she set out on a mission to reclaim it. And The Base Body co. was born.

The range of three potent multi-targeting scrubs effectively help to slough away all evidence of the city, removing daily dirt and grime, whilst nourishing, healing and maintaining healthy, radiant cared-for skin.

Naturally scented with green coffee, coconut and peppermint oils and orange peel powder, these tropical tubs will transport you to sunshine-soaked shores and sassier days – all without stepping foot out of the shower.

Sara set to work creating her own set of body scrubs from her kitchen and a year later The Base Body co. was launched with a range of body scrubs crafted using fair trade ingredients from the highest food grade.


Beauty starts at the base. It’s a dirty world out there, with a whole host of everyday factors conspiring against your complexion – pollution, changeable weather, air-con, even a lack of sleep and eating on the go all contribute to dull, stressed-out, sallow looking skin.

The Base Body Co’s natural skincare range was created to be gentle, yet serious. Removing daily dirt and grime, whilst nourishing, healing and maintaining healthy, radiant, cared-for skin.

Our philosophy is simple – we believe that beauty starts at the base and focus on improving skin from the inside out.

After all, a glowing complexion doesn’t happen overnight. Instead our beauty philosophy centres on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated, nourished skin environment.

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